CE Program with University of Arizona College of Medicine

In 2018 it came to my attention that awareness for a medical condition called Lipedema was lacking.  In an effort to better my understanding for the condition, I took a Continuing Education Program run through the University of Arizona on current diagnosis and treatment practices.  In an effort to raise awareness, I am highlighting the disease here.

"Lipedema ... Excess and abnormal nodular fat typically tethered on the buttocks, hips, thighs, and lower legs.  Lipedema fat is painful and can grow to such an extent that it inhibits mobility, called dysmobility.  The excess lipedema fat can also increase the risk of developing obesity and metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and diabetes.  There is no treatment for lipedema except removing the fat by liposuction." - https://treat.medicine.arizona.edu/research/lipedema