Small Business - Fifth Generation Designs LLC

Hey Folks!

In order to have a business, you have to talk about your business! . . .

Fifth Generation Designs LLC started as a side hustle with Amazon Merch t-shirt designs

Then we ran out of designs (they only give you 10 till you get great at selling and while we sold 6 shirts and a few pillows, we weren't to the next level yet). . .

So we upgraded to a whole family project on Etsy

Continuing the side hustle portion of it I setup and started populating (still working on it - The Frugal New Englander -- including affiliate links for monetizing

Where else do I put Affiliate links? For products I believe in - hit up: - On Pintrest - The FB Business Page In a less organized and more targeted way for random products: - In FB groups as question posts - In FB groups as comments/replies

What else?

I still run and help out with a couple of websites for friends* -- see this part of the company

*Some of them have small businesses too ---